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CRM - SMS1 - Notifications - $3/User/Month
First 30 Days Free2
Free Users w/VoIP Referral3

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CRMforVici is a CRM built for Vicidial®
Prepaid. No zombie subscriptions!

Uses Vicidial's APIs

No custom scripts to install on your Vicidial server.

Level Up With SMS

Custom text messaging templates along with prepopulated variables.


Click this search for "salesforce price per user" and see what we mean.

CRM Workflow

Your Vicidial callbacks can hit your CRM as leads, opportunities, or both.

Team Support

CRMforVici will import your Vicidial User Groups (and users!) as teams (if you want).


CRMforVici will import your agent's information as they disposition leads in Vicidial. Easy.

Choose CRMforVici

1SMS Notifications

Vicidial doesn't support SMS natively, but CRMforVici can trigger SMS messages to yourself or your customers for dispostions you select (SMS delivery is an additional cost, see terms for details).

2First 30 Days Free

Try before you buy. Your 30 days starts after the first successful dispsition is delivered from your Vicidial system to your CRM account.

3Free Accounts with VoIP Referral

See the terms for details, but you can gain a monthly usage credit if you terminate your traffic with our VoIP partner and meet a monthly usage requirement.


Our CRM is more effective than a shared spreadsheet, but simple enough to actually understand (and use).

Up Your Vici Game

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